7 Reasons Why Your Blog Reader is very Less

Blog Reader

7 Reasons Why Your Blog Reader is very Less

Why Your Blog Reader is very Less ?

1. Boring posts
Going through an ordinary blog is like reading a comic book or a novel with a dragging plot. Uninteresting or poorly-written articles could also be the most reasonable people don’t take a review at your blog.. When posts become dull and predictable, your blog reader lose their urge to return to your site.

2. Outdated blog posts
Blogs can be considered as magazines, too. A blog’s content should be fresh and regularly updated to keep the readers’ interests and attention. Many Web users visit blogs because they want to know about and learn new things.

3. Untidy website
Fill your site with useless ads and disorganized content, and people will surely avoid visiting your blog in the future. People put a lot of importance on the visual appeal and design of the websites they often visit because these factors also affect a website’s functionality. Cluttered websites tend to repel, instead of attracting site visitors.

4. Disabled comments
Many people choose to communicate with blog authors by posting comments on blog entries. When the blog’s ‘Comments’ feature is disabled, you’ll lose the opportunity to gain site traffic and potential links that can enhance your website’s SEO campaigns. Blog commenting is one way of expanding your network, because readers, bloggers especially, want to interact and share their ideas with you.

5. Posting unrealistic content
Many blogs out there are silly and dishonest. Don’t post about your supposed encounters with famous personalities or celebrities to boost site traffic. Lying would spell doom for your blog’s existence.

6. Not responding to emails or comments
Many bloggers tend to leave their email accounts unchecked because they focus more on their blog posts. It would help if you remembered that not all readers direct their queries on your blog; some prefer to do it by email due to privacy issues. Whether through email or direct blog commenting, take the time to answer your reader’s questions.

7. Having a profit-centered blog
The majority of bloggers on the World Wide Web consider their blogs as extensions of their business websites. There is nothing wrong with that. You can successfully blog your business. However, business bloggers should remember not to focus solely on profit. Do not over-promote your products and services, because it will only annoy your readers. They visit your blog to learn about you and your services, but not to buy all your products.

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