Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Blogger vs WordPress for making money, making a website has been made easy. You do not need to learn any coding. This has been made easy with the introduction of content management systems and web scripts, allowing easy creation of blogs and websites. The most popular of the blog building CMS includes WordPress and Blogger.

Both of them have significant benefits, but the thing is which one should people use? For this, I am going to compare their main features, which would benefit, making it easy for you to choose the best platform according to your needs.

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

First of all, I would like to give you a brief introduction. WordPress is a CMS that is used by millions of blogs and websites. It has a web blog website through which you could create a blog without needing a domain and Web hosting. They provide it by themselves, and the other version is a stand-alone CMS script that needs to be installed on an individual domain and a Webhosting or server.

While Blogger could not be installed on your server, it is introduced by Google, and they will handle it and your blogs. The first apparent difference is that if you want to run a professional website, the best option would be WordPress self-hosted as it is more flexible than Blogger.

How To Earn Money Online With Your Blog

Blogger has an easy to use interface with an excellent looking dashboard and easy theme customization function. It supports XML based theme file, and you can change it according to your needs. WordPress also has a useful panel and theme changer, but here the theme options are more flexible, which could be again changed according to the requirements.

WordPress has its own plugins directory, which gives you the ability to add new functions to your blog, this makes it more usable as you can do a lot of new stuff which can not be done using Blogger.

I also want to talk about a Myth which says that Google owns Blogger, so blogs made by Blogger are rank higher in the search engine than WordPress. If you are thinking this, then, believe me, it is not true at all. Google is searching for quality content no matter which CMS provides it. It might be Blogger or WordPress. WordPress is favored more in terms of SEO, as great plugins exist to handle all stuff efficiently.


If you want to start a new professional blog, then I would suggest you go for WordPress self-hosted blog, but if it is personal and you also need to earn money, then go for Blogger as does not allow you to post ads on your blogs. Anyway, keep in mind that your professional blog would need a domain name and reliable Web-hosting, which comes with Blogger for free.

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