Can Any Blog Score a High SERP Rank?

High SERP Rank

Can Any Blog Score a High SERP Rank?

Can Any Blog Score a High SERP Rank ? Technically speaking, there’s nothing to prevent your site from making it’s thanks to the primary page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. No laws are restricting your ability to realize a high SERP rank (search engine results pages) placement, and there’s no association that determines the winners and losers.

Can Any Blog Score a High SERP Rank?

Algorithms determine your fate; algorithms and the strength of your competitors. So don’t be seduced by sketchy link building services or SEOs who say they can get any site to rank. They can’t.

Got your attention? Because while the above statement is true, it’s not the entire truth. The real point here is if your site doesn’t compete on it’s merits, it won’t ever earn a top spot.Unless you want to win for keyword combinations no one actually searches for, your SEO efforts must always focus on-site first, off-site second.

How to Rank Website on Google

Why On-Site SEO First?

It might seem funny for a guest blogging service to advocate for on-site SEO, when the primary product we deliver is off-site content. However, we have seen clients jump into guest blogging when it’s not necessarily their best choice for improving search rank or driving traffic.

All off-site work is meant to provide evidence that the site itself is worth getting found.Unless the target site does have content that’s worth finding, no amount of guest blogging (or link building of any kind) is going to work. Sure, search engines might be “fooled” into delivering a temporary SERP boost, but that’s all it would be– temporary. Worse, if Google decides your off-site tactics are actually manipulative, your site could end up penalized, and much further down the SERPs than it had been before.

“Can i buy this site to attain a high SERP placement?” but rather, “Is this site worth a high SERP rank placement?” If yes, you ready for off-site work to assist show the search engines. Of course, you’ll start building links as soon as you’ve got something worth linking to, but along the way, if your off-site efforts regularly outpace the worth you deliver to users on your site, eventually, the imbalance will catch up to you.

How Do I know My Website is Ready For Off-Site SEO

1 Your site is clearly organized in a way that makes sense to users and search engines with real, original, useful content.
2 Your content addresses issues that your competitors don’t.
3 Your site provides resources and information that users value.
4 Your content is regularly updated.

That’s all we’re saying’. Guest blogging is not a holy grail. It requires real effort to build a site worth visiting in order for the links earned to actually pay off. Need help writing more on-site content before you’re ready to ramp up your link building efforts? Yeah, we can do that, too. Just ask.

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