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5 Duplicate Content Checker Online SEO Tools

Duplicate Content Checker Online SEO Tools

Duplicate Content Checker Online SEO Tools

Duplicate Content Checker Online SEO Tools, the beginning of the content in the world of internet previously was a way too different as it is now when you take a look at the flashback that you see are less stringent rules and limited restrictions. However, the entire situation has now taken a complete round, and the situation is a way too different. Now, everything has a lot of rules when it comes to Google, and every update on the part of Google has something new more stringent than the previous regulations.

In the same way, when you consider the situation of the duplicate content, the rules have now become much strict, and you need to stand focused on every state and need to be abiding by them too. The matter of duplicate content is the most considered one because nobody would ever want their material to be copied. Neither the one posting the copied content would like being standing in the trial for the act.

This problem of duplicated content has been increasing a lot these days. People who do not, in reality, copy the content also wishes to verify the uniqueness because even the words that are too general to be used by them might even match unintentionally. Therefore it is better to be safe than sorry, and in this case, the use of a plagiarism checker tool might prove to be an appropriate choice.

This article covers five different SEO tools for helping you keep a check whether the content is unique or duplicated, and your life may be more comfortable by way of making the use of these tools. Moreover, the tools we have featured in the article are user-friendly so that you may without a hassle use it and make the most of it.

5 Duplicate Content Checker Online SEO Tools

1) Quetext

This tool is considered to be the most commonly used tool to check out whether the content being used is a duplication or not. This tool is first of all free of cost and therefore is found feasible by several people; along with it, this tool offers a lot of ease in terms of usage and has no technical procedures associated with it. The tool has several unique features that make it stand among the best tools, and you need to paste the text you wish to check for in the box given, within a few seconds the results will be presented to you.

The tool allows about unlimited words to be checked at a time and highlights the duplicated content with red color, whereas the unique content is being highlighted with a green color. This tool also represents the uniqueness of the material in the form of percentage and ultimately gives you the links termed as being copied so that you may re-verify on your own. All in all, this tool is an ideal choice to be used when it comes to rating your content before publishing anywhere on the internet or checking your very own published content for a copy.

2) Copyscape

Copyscape is a widely used tool for checking Duplicate Content Checker and gives you remarkable results. This tool is available in two different versions, the first one is free of cost one, and the other one is the premium that needs some payments to be made from your end. When used for the free of cost check, this tool offers a complete solution of the entire check and verification procedure. In contrast, the premium version has some more features that are being enjoyed by you if you make a particular payment.

This tool requires you to paste your content in the box or load a file and gives you a complete snapshot of your content without a hassle so that you may eliminate the duplicate sentences and words and make your content unique. However, the premium version requires you to create an account within it, and you can check content after you enter the id and password to the report. This tool is currently the number one tool for monitoring the uniqueness of the material till now, among the others.

3) Article Checker

Article Checker, as the name suggests, is a tool that keeps an eye on the content anywhere duplicated; this tool takes into consideration all the material that is found on Google or Yahoo and checks with complete reliability. The device requires you to either paste the content you wish to check in the box given or upload the file you want to verify for duplicate content. The results are then being provided you after going through the entire contents so that you may stay at peace if the content is unique, and in case if there is some duplication, you may edit the content and recheck. It allows you to check about 1500 words at a time. This tool is straightforward to use and needs no expertise, and this is why people opt for this tool now and then and have rated it the most reliable one.

4) Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is also among the most used duplicate content checkers that was launched in the year 2006. After the developers’ countless efforts, this tool is definitely in a position to offer 100 percent results when it comes to verifying the content’s uniqueness. No matter you need to keep a check on the material that has been written by you, and before posting it to your blog, you need to verify the uniqueness, or you wish to see of the already published content on your blog has been copied by someone or not. This tool will give you the best results with its easy to use facilitation that is worth trying.

By using this tool, you may either quickly raise an object on someone who is copying your content or make your content free from all the objections. The maximum number of words this tool may check at one time is 1500, so you may easily cover one blog post or two blog posts if the length is average.

5) CopyGator

CopyGator is, in reality, a tool that helps you quickly analyze the content of your website. This tool checks on the internet of the content of your blog have been posted or published by someone else over the internet and takes you to that location quickly. All you need to do in this case is type the URL of the website you wish to verify and click the “show me” button, and this tool will then show you the results of the content that is being copied by someone else but belongs to you.

Moreover, if you permit the tool has a capability of continually keeping an eye on your website, this means that at any point in the future, if the content of your blog will be copied on some other site, you will immediately be notified. You may take action in this case easily without making a delay. This tool is ideal if you wish to keep the content that you have written after efforts as secured as possible.

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