Fully Qualified Domain Name looks like?

fully qualified domain name

Fully Qualified Domain Name looks like?

Fully Qualified Domain Name looks like? I’ve already told you about essential things to consider before you start a blog and also gave you tips on finding a good niche topic for your blog. Now, I think my readers are familiar with the blogging concept. I feel that selecting a domain name is a tedious job (for me at least ), so in my today’s article, I am going to give you some tips on choosing a fully qualified domain name. Let’s start :

Fully Qualified Domain Name looks like?

Note: Do read this article of mine where I’ve written about a few factors to consider before buying a domain name.

Below is a list of the characteristic of a right domain name. If you’ve selected a domain name, you can identify whether its good or not using the following parameters.

Always ends with .Com

Well, this is my perception. I think that a GOOD domain name MUST have.Com as an extension, it is my priority to use fully qualified domain name.

Should match the topic of your blog

A right domain name should match the topic on which your blog is. Like if I have a blog on technology, then the domain name can include keywords like tech, geek, info etc. In short, it must match your blog name. Like, my blog is about blogging ideas, so I’ve included the keyword “blogging ideas” in my domain name. So it would be best if you will do keyword research before choosing a domain name. If you want, you can also choose professional search engine optimization services to know the best-suited keyword for your blog niche.

Easy to remember

I define a right domain name that is easy to remember. It must not have harsh English words or words that do not make any sense like So, the best domain name should be easy to remember.

fully qualified domain name have No hyphens

A good domain name should not include the hyphen(-) in it, for example, There are two reasons we generally do not count such domain name as useful because :

  • They are not good in terms of SEO as compared to non-hyphen (-) domains
  • They are difficult to spell

They are short

Well, this point does not fit in my domain name because it is too long. Your domain name should not be too long, and it should be less than 18-20 characteristics.

These were few characteristics of a food domain name, so while selecting a domain name do consider these properties once. I am waiting for your precious comments and valuable feedback.

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