How to earn money from youtube in india

how to earn money from youtube in india

How to earn money from youtube in india

How to earn money from YouTube in india, making money and being a millionaire is something that every individual wish to have; however, this thing is much more common among the young generation. Keeping in mind the young generation’s interest, you may come across numerous options that allow you to make money by using the internet and among them, YouTube plays a significant role. Now, you must be excited to learn how YouTube may help you make money, follow the steps provided below and change your status to a millionaire.

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how to earn money from youtube in india

Step # 1: Account is the Initiative.

When it comes to working on the internet every time you need an account for everything, in the same way when planning to earn money on YouTube having a statement of your own, with an original name and personal identity is what that matters. When you create an account on YouTube, you have been provided with a particular channel of your own where you need to work, and making that channel associated with different keywords to attract visitors is your key to success. You may incorporate the keywords in the channel by using the advanced setting of your Channel settings easily.

Step # 2: Content Is the Main Priority.

Once you are done with setting up your account comes the task of adding content on your account. Content is the most prioritized thing in your YouTube account as it is the content only for which people will be driven towards your account. However, the content must be of the best quality, unique, regular and worth watching in order to keep your audience intact with your channel. Being consistent in posting your content is always the most important thing or else you may lose all your audience within a blink of an eye.

Step # 3: Attract Audience.

When you are done with adding your videos to the YouTube account, another thing you need to concentrate on is the audience. Unless you have no audience being attracted to your channel, there won’t be any point of making money or having popularity. You may invite an audience by way of making the use of the different social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and other places. Other than just sharing your video also communicate with your audience like a reply to their comments, resolve their queries and participate actively with them.

how to earn money from youtube in india

Step # 4: Start with Monetization.

Another significant thing you need to do with your YouTube Ads is the task of monetization so that you may start earning money. By way of making your video monetized, you, in reality, permit YouTube to place the advertisements within your video. The task of monetization is a simpler one, and you need to click on the monetization tab, once clicked you need to open up your video manager and the video that you wish to make a monetized one must be checked with the “$ sign”.

Step # 5: Google Ad Sense – Your Way to Make Money.

Once you have done all of the things provided for above, you need to look after the Google Adsense thing. Now for this, you first need to create an account with Google Adsense, and it is free of cost to signup. Once you have created an account, you need to give your details, like a mailing address, PayPal account, bank account details and other formalities in order to let them verify your existence to make payments.

Step # 6: Keep an Eye on Performance.

Your duty doesn’t end up by uploading the videos and earning money with the Ad Sense you need to keep an eye on your videos and the performance of the channel as well. This analysis of your channel offers you to have an eye on the actual performance of your job, and with that, you may have an idea of anything if in the lacking position so that you may later improve it accordingly.

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