Common Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO

Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO

Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO

Mistakes to avoid when doing SEO, yeah, you heard it right. I ain’t be amused if you were not performing these SEO mistakes when you were just a beginner as I had faced this fate too in my life. Suppose you think that I will read up and mug up everything stated here then, Man! I have to say that you might be wrong. I bet when you will open your first Blog, you will repeat at least one of the SEO mistakes stated here. You can say that my words are far too harsh, but they are for your goodwill, not for mine.

Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO

When things come for a bit niche type, you get far too tense to rank your Blog at Google’s first page of the search result, and your thirst increases like anything, so the rate of mistakes triples up than what you generally do. Enough said for an introduction, let’s go straight on the topic to opt-out the five common mistakes to avoid when doing SEO….

SEO Mistake 1 (Poor Content Management System)

This is the modern state; you hired a content firm; they tell you that they give you the best content services at an affordable price, but do they mean that. Think once by yourself? Do they know the basic SEO features like Anchor management, Keyword density, uses of proper title tags, etc.? Also think that do you keep a track on the quality of content they produce as they may supply you some Spun contents that can be made in a matter of few seconds without any efforts.

Learn How to use Hash Tags.

SEO mistakes

SEO Mistake 2 ( Poor Keyword Research)

Well, say suppose you hired the best content firm by spending thousands of dollars per month, and when you are tracking the quality, it’s far too better than your competitors, then why are you not ranking as high as them? Well, that’s a usual thought if I am not wrong by my end.

Stress a bit now, grab a chat with the professionals you hired and ask them whether they are doing proper keyword research or not? I am pretty sure that they will be speechless in front of you. So it’s time to act wise and monetize your keywords research, try long tail pro’s “10 days trial, I am sure you will learn a lot”. Also, the Google keyword planner is there for your help.

How to Check Keyword rankings for Free.

SEO mistakes

SEO Mistake 3 (Link Building)

Now check what types of links are you building,

1) Are they Relevant to your Blog?

2) Are you making them automated software?

3) Is it coming from Network blogs or weak directories?

4) Forum Links or Blog commenting.

If these are so your techniques of link building, then Man, you are still in the realms of the dark as the definition of Link building has changed drastically in the past few years. Only relevant links from quality blogs and directories are welcomed with proper anchoring referring to your connection. Also, make sure that over-optimization can be harmful to your Blog as you will be penalized by Google, so keep a “Keyword density” of 5%.

Link Building in the Right Way…..

SEO Mistake 4 ( Did You Thought Of Investing)

You are thinking that you can do all the things by standing alone in the field. I guess with this concept, it may be tired-some for you to rank high in quick succession. You may come up by buying some paid links or breaking away some excellent giveaways to attract the bloggers’ attention. Note- Make sure that you shouldn’t buy any links until your Blog is at least three months old, and also, the links need to be relevant entirely to your niche.

If you don’t want to invest then start with this:

30 SEO Tips That Every Blogger Would Love


SEO Mistake 5 ( Thinking of Success in a Day)

Started your Blog, writing your first blog post with a particular keyword, expecting it to be ranking in a while, it’s harsh, but it will never list far too soon. It may take some 30-40 days to get your first domain authority update and about a few days to get a proper ranking. Patience is the key to SEO and ranking; if you lack these terms called patience, then you are nowhere in thy competition. You have to learn to stay calm and dedicated to your work, and Google will never leave you without the reward you are expecting.

Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO

You can say that I may not have covered all the theoretically correct topics, yet I tried my best to keep every significant point under one roof for Mistakes to Avoid when doing SEO. Naturally, these are some of the critical mistakes often performed these days due to lack of time and grievance of earning money through Blogs. Make a chart of all the points discussed here and let me know your experience with it.

What do you think?

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