Optimization Techniques For your Blog

Optimization Techniques For your Blog

Optimization Techniques For your Blog

Optimization Techniques For your Blog, First of all, Use a traffic tracker at the beginning, which will inform you about the traffic of your website and inform you about the referring sites and search engines. It will also inform you about the keywords where the whole traffic is coming.

Optimization Techniques For your Blog

  • Search Engine Friendly Url

The meaning of search engine friendly URL is that, while designing the website, instead of naming the pages as page1.html or abc.html, etc., you should call your pages according to the contents of the pages. As if your website is about a mobile phone, then you should name it as mobilupdates.html so that the search engine should get an idea about the content of the site by its URL. If you have created your blog then, the name of all postings should be following the title of the article.

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  • The Use of “alt” tags with your site images

Wherever you will use the picture on your websites, then you should use ALT TAGS with them because the search engine is not capable of recognizing the image, it only knows the images through their ALT TAGS. Only in this way, the search engine will be capable of understanding the nature of the photograph. For example, if there is a picture in which a person is using a laptop, if you will use ALT TAGS along with this picture, the search engine will recognize the nature of the image easily.  ALT TAGS can be added very quickly, and all websites have the option of ALT TAGS.

  • Make The Name of Images as Search Engine Friendly

While using ALT TAGS, you should name a picture according to its nature—for example, a-man-eating-an-apple.jpeg.

  • Submit Your Site Map in Google Webmaster Tool

Because of the site map, your website pages are easily indexed in google. Because of this, you should immediately make a site map of your website and submit it to google webmaster tool. If you are unaware of making the site map, then you should visit,, and add the address of your website, and get it generated. Then upload it with your site, and submit it. Because of this, the index pages of your website will be increased.

  • Importance of Link Exchange

By exchanging the link, the back-links will be Optimization Techniques, and the number of visitors increases because of these backlinks. For it, you should submit your blog or website to free directories.

  • Use Keywords in Your Anchor Text

While giving the link of your sites to different forums and sites, you should name the connection according to your website’s content. For example, instead of using CLICK HERE, or LINK HERE, you should use your keyword. This keyword should be according to your website.

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