Various CNG Conversion kit parts, The CNG conversion kit parts has various main components are written below

CNG Conversion kit Parts

(i) Cylinder: the cylinder stores CNG at a working pressure of about 200 bar. It is also fitted with a shutoff valve and a safety burst valve.

(ii) steam tote: This consists of the air, and also the pipes linking the valve valve vented outside from the vehicle.

(iii) high pressure hose: This unites the refueling valve into your CNG nozzle and pressure regulator.

(iv) re-fueling valve: It’s applied to refuel the canister.

(v) Pressure regulator: It’s a solenoid valve closed down the source into the engine. The C.N.G stored in elevated pressure at the cylinder is paid down to just under the atmospheric pressure by the pressure regulator. The pressure doesn’t allow once the engine is more still negative. The gas pass just isn’t running.

(vi) Gas-air mixer: This combines right the gas fed to the canister.

(vii) Petrol solenoid valve: that is utilized to take the gas or perhaps a gas source to the engine if it’s run using petrol.

(viii) The selector switch is fitted onto the dash board to allow the motorist to choose if the engine is still conducted using gasoline or gas or CNG.

That really is really designed that whenever the engine has been powered down, the gas distribution can be powered down. It signals that the number of CNG available in the cylinder.

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