What is FAStag and how to use it?

What is FAStag and how to use it?

What is FAStag and how to use it? does one wish to travel in Roads? If yes then you almost certainly got to know what are FasTag? this is often because if you recognize about it then it’s okay, but if not then you’ll need to pay double the fees in the tract. Yes, you read Bikul correctly. this is often because the govt is charging double the value in Toll Fees if the owner of a vehicle has not used Fastags in his car.

In such a situation, we understood that you simply should provide complete information about the Fastag Banks List to all or any folksin order that you’ll never have the thought of paying double toll fees. By the way, for your information, let me tell you that the govt has used these FASTags to facilitate traffic in toll gates. Now you’ll not get to keep cash with you because if you employ FASTags then easily the cash is going to be automatically deducted from your account.

What is FAStag and how to use it?

You can use FASTag in most toll plazas which comes under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. Here during this article, you’ll find what’s FasTags, the way to pip out, and where to shop for all the knowledge here. But you’ll get to read. Then at once, let’s start with what’s Fastag.

FASTag may be a very simple, easy to use a reloadable tag that permits automatic deduction of toll charges. At an equivalent time, it allows you to undergo tract no end for any quite Cash Transaction.

FASTag is linked with a prepaid account, from where the specified toll amount is automatically deducted. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is employed during this tag which is pasted on the windscreen of the vehicle once the tag account is activated.

FASTag is completely an ideal solution for a hassle-free trip within the national highways. FASTag is operational at this time, on about 180 toll plazas, that too on national and state highways. At an equivalent time, more and more toll plazas are being gradually included during this FASTag program.

What is the Validity of FASTag?

By the way, FASTag has unlimited validity. an equivalent FASTag is often used as long as that tag is often read from Tag Reader and if it’s not tampered with. If some cut breaks for some reason FASTag, then its reading quality gradually decreases, in such a situation, you ought to contact your Issuing Bank for a replacement tag.

A FASTag may be a device that uses the frequency Identification (RFID) technology to directly direct toll payments from a linked prepaid or bank account and is mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle for scanning. When he passes through a tract. This doesn’t stop the drivers or the owner of the vehicle from Cash Transaction.

The validity of FASTag is for about 5 years, while you’ve got to recharge/top up it consistent with the need.

According to NHAI, the most important advantages you get from using it’s that you simply don’t get to carry cash for Toll Transactions, while it’s not only time-saving but also a waste of some time. it occurs.

Like if a user crosses a tract, then the toll amount is automatically deducted automatically. Just the user gets an SMS alert on the registered mobile number. At an equivalent time, they also receive toll transactions, low balance, and any quite updates.

How does Fastag recharge online?

FASTags are often easily recharged online too through MasterCard open-end credit / NEFT / RTGS or Net Banking. At an equivalent time, from minimum Rs.100 to maximum Rs. Can recharge up to 1 Lakh rupees.

Are FASTags transferable?

No, FASTags can’t be transferred. These tags are non-transferable, in such how that a FASTag is often utilized in just one train, less than one.

How many mobile apps have NHAI launched for the supply of FasTags?

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has launched two mobile apps for the supply of FASTags – those are MyFASTag and FASTag making its price objective for the availability of FASTags for Electronic Toll Collection.

What is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)?

The full sort of ETC is Electronic Toll Collection. this is often an appointment of electronic payment of highway tolls during which there’s no human tampering of any kind. ETC systems use vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies in order that it performs an electronic monetary transaction between a vehicle and a toll collection agency.

Why is ETC important?

From December 1 this year, the govt has made this compulsory for all cars, jeeps, vans, buses, trucks, and off-road vehicles (commercial and private) vehicles, which expire national highways through toll booths. To pay that toll through FASTag.

These FASTag-enabled payments are currently available at around 450 toll plazas on national and state highways. Information a few full lists of FAStag-enabled toll plazas is out there on the National Payments Corporation of India website – npci.org.in/netc. At an equivalent time, more toll plazas are going to be added to the present list. At an equivalent time, a cash-back scheme is additionally available for two .5 percent till FASTag payments by March 31, 2020, for eligible customers on national highways.

FASTag is far more important for the govt in some ways. This, because it promotes digital payments and it makes it easier for vehicle owners and toll booths to gather toll fees. In this, the value of storage and collection of toll tax is significantly reduced. this protects tons of your time and gets obviate unnecessary traffic.

Why does one get to worry about this FasTags?

If you’ve got one or more four-wheelers, then you ought to also take FASTag soon for your vehicle. From December 1, 2019, on most lanes fee plazas of National Highways, they’re going to get the identity of FASTag lanes. Any vehicle which will continue this FASTag lane is additionally with none tag, then in such a case, they’re going to need to pay almost double the applicable fee, consistent with the category of the vehicle.

FASTags are issue by 23 certified banks including some small finance banks, payments banks, and co-operative banks. The list of banks is out there on the NPCI website. you’ll also buy FAStags from toll plazas, petrol pumps, RTOs, or online Amazon. Wherever you would likeyou’ll download the MyFASTag app (which is out there on Android and iPhone platform) and you’ll pip out from banks or online shopping sites.

At an equivalent time, their Charges vary slightly from one seller to a different. Once you purchase it, then it depends on where you purchased it, you’ll directly link it with the checking account otherwise you also can use a pre-paid wallet to recharge it. From time to time. Details of all of your transactions are often obtained on one FASTag account.

How are you able to buy FASTags?

Now, because the utilization of FasTag has become mandatory. In such a situation, if a customer wants from any point of sale (POS) locations, he also can attend the toll plazas/issuer agency and make a FASTag account for himself. aside from toll plazas, FASTags are available in banks where authorities have signed up with NHAI. At an equivalent time, for a traveler, he can easily contact anybody of the precise Bank mentioned below.

In recent times, many private and public sector banks have partnered with NHAI. These include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC Bank, and depository financial institution of India. At an equivalent payment bank, Paytm offers FASTag to its customers.

At an equivalent time, a user can ask his automobile companies to put in it in their vehicle. allow us to now know in detail how you’ll get FASTags.

1. Online sales of FASTags – FASTag are often purchased online from Issuer Banks websites / NHAI website / IHMCL website and it reaches your home by courier.

2. Mobile app – MyFASTag may be a consumer app that’s downloaded for Android. If a consumer wants, FasTags also can buy and recharge through this app. can buy or recharge FASTags on this App.

3. Point of Sale (POS) locations: – If you would like, you’ll also buy these FasTag by visiting your nearest Point of Sale (POS) locations. it’s available within the sales offices of Toll Plazas and banks.

You can buy FASTag from around 28,500 Point-of-Sale locations setup by many banks and IHMCL / NHAI, including NH fee plazas, RTOs, Common Service Centers, transport hubs, bank branches, selected petrol pumps, etc.

While the retail segment (car/jeep/van) FASTag you’ll buy online from Amazon and may also buy by visiting the websites of banks, like SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis bank, Paytm Payment Banks, HDFC bank, IDFC First Visiting bank sites.

Apart from this, you’ll identify the Issuing Bank Customer Care numbers, which is that the POS location near you, which can make it easier for you to urge this tag.

Can a replica issue occur if the fastag worsens while engaged?

If it goes bad while applying Fastag, then you’ll definitely duplicate the difficulty. For this, but again you furthermore may need to submit a xerox of all documents again.

How to know fastag whose

As soon because the Fastag passes through the tract, then the Tag Reader in it automatically scans and skim your Fastag. In such a situation, you are doing not got to manually scan it or provide toll fees.

What is the work of the SBI Fastag agent?

The job of an SBI Fastag agent is to supply a replacement FasTag for your vehicle. Whereas if you’ve got already installed FasTag, then if there’s any problem in it, then it also works to correct it.

Which documents are required to use FASTags?

A customer has got to submit a replica of all the documents mentioned below alongside the appliance of FASTag by visiting the purpose of Sale (POS) locations. allow us to realize those documents.

1. Registration Registration (RC) of the car

2. Passport size photograph, car owner

3. KYC documents, anything mentioned here – like driver’s license, PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, or Aadhar Card.

The customer also has got to take the first copies of these documents alongside its xerox copies.

What are the fees of FASTag?

The issue to FASTag is completed by Issuing Banks. Banks can charge a maximum Rs. 200 / – for every tag. At an equivalent time, the particular tag issuing charges are decided by the Issuing Bank and it’s different from one bank to a different.

Where to place Fastag on the glass?

The fastag is attached to the inner side of the glass, it’s also the eighth ahead of the car and behind the fastag, which is quickly attached to the glass of your vehicle.

What are the advantages of using FASTag?

Let us know what are the advantages of using FASTags.

1. simple payment – Now you are doing not got to keep cash with you for completing toll transactions, this protects some time too.

2. The car doesn’t get to stop attract, which saves fuel and also doesn’t increase traffic.

3. Can recharge online – you’ll also easily recharge FASTag online through your MasterCard / open-end credit / NEFT / RTGS or Net Banking.

4. With SMS alerts, you get information about all of your toll transactions, low balance, etc.

5. It provides an online portal to all or any customers.

6. Validity of this FASTags is around 5 years.

7. Incentive is received: Here you’ll get a cashback if you would like. These incentives change from time to time.

8. Other benefits you get:

(a) Environment gets benefit:

This results in a fall in pollution,
The use of Papers is over.
(b) It also has social benefits:

The hassles of toll payment go down drastically,
Highway management are often better managed
(c) Economic benefits also are available:

The toll plaza is facilitated in management,
Due to central monitoring, this tolling process is often run well.
How to activate Fastag?
To activate Fastag, you’ll use two android apps presented by the govt, about which I even have provided information on this text. Whereas if you would like, you’ll get information about this from your banks too.

How to apply FasTag to your vehicle’s windshield?
Once you get your FasTag, then you place it gently on the middle top of your vehicle’s windshield. Yes, you’ve got to place the windshield within the center top area of your vehicle from inside, while it’s installed.

This FasTag features a Self-tape that’s removed and its viscous area is pasted onto the windshield.

Remember that you simply don’t get to use any additional tape or adhesive, otherwise, it can damage your FASTag.

How long has the FASTag deadline been set?
In the times, RFID Scanner has been installed in each tract and therefore the deadline has been increased by 15th December 2019. Where it had been first selected on 1st December 2019. the utilization of FASTag has been made mandatory at every tract. At an equivalent time, FASTag sticker isn’t installed in any vehicle, then they’re going to need to pay double scheduled toll rates for that in cash.

Q. what is going to happen if you come back to Toll Fee within 24 hours because they’re often low cost?
When you are crossing the Toll for the primary time then you’ve got to pay a method Toll Charges. But if you come that too within 24 hours, then the system will automatically calculate or calculate the worth of your return journey charges, and it’ll also adjust the toll fees accordingly. confine mind that this may definitely be less compared to the sooner charges. At an equivalent time, this money also will be debit from your account automatically.

Q. What if some technical problem appears during a Toll Gate, then in its RFID scanning device?
In such a situation, there’ll not be any quite Charges deducted from your account and you’ll not need to pay anything in cash.

Q. Is FASTag RFID Secure?
Yes, FASTag is totally secure. The payment is debited only through an approved RFID Scanner provided by NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection).

Q. What if someone’s car is sold during which Fastag is installed?

If the vehicle is sold for any reason, then the balance is transferred to the new owner within the new FASTag.

Q. What if FASTag is unusable or Windshield breaks right down to use?
In this case, you’ll need to apply for the new FASTag freshly and you’ll even have to pay Issuance fees. aside from this, the old balance of the old Fastag also will be transferred to your new FASTag.

Q. If more Fees are deduced from FASTag then what to try to to to urge it back?
By the way, it’s impossible to form such an error, and if it ever happens, you’ll need to contact Bank Customer Care with full details.

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